Monday, November 2, 2009

Scan Engine version 9.0 is almost here!

Scan Engine 9.000 ActiveUpdate (AU) Upload
October 30, 2009


On November 16, 2009 (US PST), Trend Micro will upload Scan Engine (VSAPI) 9.000 to the ActiveUpdate (AU) server.

Trend Micro will release VSAPI 9.000 on these products :

Ø OfficeScan
Ø Client Server Messaging Suite / Client Server Suite
Ø Worry Free Business Security
Ø ServerProtect for NT
Ø Trend Micro Control Manager

Scan Engine 9.000 includes the following enhancements / features :
Ø Support for the detection of files that contain known PDF exploits
Ø Support for shellcode detection
Ø Recognition of the following additional file types:
o Flash Video (FLV)
o Microsoft Document Imaging (MDI)
o Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG)
o QuickTime (MOV)
o ZIP64
Ø Support for the detection of exploits to Microsoft Office vulnerabilities

Recommended Action
Trend Micro recommends that you update your scan engine to provide protection against the latest threats.

For customers who want to test VSAPI 9.000 on selected clients, please download VSAPI 9.000

For 32-bit VSAPI at

For IA 64-bit VSAPI at

For AMD 64-bit VSAPI at

Manual instructions on how to apply the scan engine can be found at

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